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Mushin: Let yourself go into "The Void".

With complete spontaneity, I would like to share a perspective on the cultivation of the state of mind known in martial arts practice as "Mushin" or "No-Mind". I feel that in order to find harmony, we must first experience "the void" or emptiness. In aikido, the practice of circular and flowing techniques is an effective vehicle for the internal development of practitioners.

In my experience, the key is in "the void" where only the "here and now" exist, through the practice of "ukemi"; we can gain access to this state, by learning how to breathe, roll, fall, adapt, flow, respond, to be present, to be natural, to redirect our body and energy, to overcome fears and understand how our mind works and finally, by letting go. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere.. MUSHIN.

Once we start to practice in a flowing manner without attachments or interruptions in our mind and energy flow, in time and naturally, this state of being is transferred to everything else we do, then everything becomes a meditation. To me, this is the ultimate purpose of martial arts training.

Let's remember that Aikido is not a martial art practiced for combat or competitive reasons, and in order for its true application, the ego must be absent.

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