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Aikido for Self-Development (Online Course)

8 Principles to Harness Effortless Power and Unlock Your Highest Potential

It is a challenge to stay focused and centered in this modern technological society that is constantly manufacturing distractions for the sole purpose of mass control and destruction of independent thinking.

The purpose of this course is to give you tools to quiet the noise and bring awareness back to yourself, by tuning into your inner guidance through the practice of 8 essential martial arts principles for self-development.

Applying information is how we learn something - it's not enough to just know it, you must implement it. This course breaks down the 8 principles that I follow and teach my students to access effortless power and unlock their highest potential.

The lessons shared in this course can help you learn how to make decisions based on your own inner wisdom. To cultivate, maximize and cleanse your energy, so that you can stay centered, clear and connected during these challenging times for humanity.

Whether you are brand new to martial arts, or have been practicing for many years, the lessons you will learn in this course can help you deepen your practice beyond the mat. This is an opportunity for us to train together even if you are not able to be with me at Zenbu Dojo for our practice.

If what I just described resonates within you, I invite you to join me for AIKIDO FOR SELF-DEVELOPMENT (Online Course): 8 Principles to Harness Effortless Power and Unlock Your Highest Potential on Teachable:


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