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Qigong is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years, described by the Chinese as “energy work” and is the art of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation through cultivating and restoring QI (Chi) "life force or life energy".


The practice of Qigong enhances our ability to perceive the energy that is around us and makes it available. This increased energy promotes health, vitality, emotional balance, mental clarity, intuition, creativity, tranquility, and spiritual awareness.



Purification cleansing rituals have been used and developed by mystics and sages throughout time to access higher levels of understanding and awareness, as well as mind-body-spirit renewal, through what the Japanese Shinto calls Misogi (water purification) by washing away impurities or obscure energies in a river, waterfall, or sea, and Misogi-no-kokyu-ho (purification through breath).


Misogi is the core practice of Martial Fusion at Zenbu Dojo. It involves harmoniously synchronizing physical, psychological, emotional, and higher energetic states within ourselves, others, and the world.

Breath power also called "Kokyu" in Japanese, is a self-purification ritual that declogs the system, activates the body's energy centers, and promotes the cultivation and circulation of KI (vital energy) through the entire system.

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