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Martial arts training is a way of life that requires a unique commitment and discipline. All students must understand that Zenbu Dojo is a temple for inner development, a sacred space dedicated to the practice of martial arts and meditation.

The following guidelines are the basic training etiquette for students at Zenbu Dojo:

  • Arrive and be ready for training at least 15 minutes before practice begins.

  • Remove shoes, rings, watches, earrings or any type of jewelry upon arrival.

  • Do not bring food, gum or alcoholic beverages into the DOJO.

  • Clean hands and feet prior entering the TATAMI.

  • Keep your training uniform clean and in good shape.

  • Keep your fingernails and toenails cut short.

  • Salute (bow) when entering and exiting the TATAMI.

  • When arriving late, wait for permission in SEIZA by the edge of the TATAMI.

  • Practice ZAZEN a few minutes before training begins.

  • Keep talking during training to an absolute minimum. Training is an experience.

  • Do not lean against the walls and be aware of your posture at all times.

  • Always use respectful language and follow the lead of your SENPAIS at the DOJO.

  • Salute (bow) your partner at the beginning and end of each exercise and training.

  • Clean the DOJO and TATAMI after each practice.


When Zenbu Dojo members are unable to attend classes for a period of over 1 week, they must have the courtesy of notifying the head SENPAI in advanced of such absence.

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