• Remove your shoes when entering the dojo.

  • Remove any jewelry when wearing the uniform.

  • Wash your hands and feet before entering the tatami.

  • Keep your uniform clean and in good condition all times.

  • Keep your finger nails and toenails cut short.

  • The use of makeup, perfumes or colognes is restricted for training.

  • Turn off your cell phones and electronic devices when arriving.

  • Always use respectful language at the dojo.

  • Learn the basic Japanese terminology and vocabulary.

  • Use proper rank terminology to address your instructor and seniors.

  • Clean and maintain the dojo, tatami and all common areas daily.

  • Membership fees must always be received before the first of the month.


  • Always arrive early with enough time before training begins.

  • Bow in the direction of the kamiza when entering the dojo.

  • Lineup by rank level before Sensei enters the tatami.

  • Always sit with correct and proper posture during training.

  • Do not lean against any of the dojo walls at all times.

  • Never turn your back on your instructor, be aware at all times.

  • Bow your training partner before and after each training encounter.

  • Keep talking on the tatami to an absolute minimum. Training is an experience.

  • Request permission to enter when arriving late for training by standing outside the tatami.

  • Request permission from Sensei if in need to step out of the tatami during training.

  • At the end of training wait for Sensei to exit the tatami before exiting your lineup.


  • Sempais are in charge of helping new students in all matters of trainings.

  • Respect and follow the chain of command of the dojo and organization at all times.

  • Higher ranks are responsible to guide beginners in regards the teacher/student relationship.