Chakra Activation: Awaken Your Energy Centers


The concept of Chakra originates in Hindu texts and features in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Its name derives from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning". The Chakras are believed to be a number of wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, exist in the surface of the subtle body of living beings. Chakras are referred to as "energy centers" or whorls of energy, they are considered focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.

A Chakra is the interface point between the physical and non-physical form, they lie along a linear pathway (along the spine) from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. The best-known system in the West has seven Chakras.

Each Chakra acts as a transformer within the body, the purpose of Chakra activation through training and realignment is to bring the system into a higher frequency of vibration, from the subtle portions of the Matrix Grid, into the thicker frequencies for purification and healing of negative energies.

There are seven endocrine glands, each with a vibration and color assigned to each of the seven primary Chakras.


Sunlight is our main source and provider of light, heat and energy. Not only does sunlight sustain all life on Earth, but also it sustains the Earth itself. It provides plants with the energy for photosynthesis, which in turn sustains the lives of all animals and humans.

Sunlight consists of energies in the form of the electromagnetic waves and part of this electromagnetic energy includes cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, visible light rays, infrared rays, micro waves and short and long waves (radio waves). By holding a prism towards the sun, we can break down the visible spectrum of light rays into seven different beams of color. Light consists of the seven color energies: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We can see these seven colors in a rainbow, in a drop of rain, and even in a snowflake. Color and light are inseparable. Each color of the visible light rays has a different wavelength and vibrational frequency, which affects us differently. Red has the longest wavelength and the slowest vibrational frequency, which we innately recognize as warm and stimulating. Whereas, violet has the shortest wavelength and the fastest frequency that we recognize as a cool and calming energy.

Chakras act as one level of a tuning antenna, aligned with a note on the scale of seven. They intercept specific wavelengths of energy containing radiant information and bring that information down into the density of the body structure to utilize. Additionally, more refined tuning occurs at the molecular level, as genetic receptors receive information at an even greater level of vibration frequency.


1st Chakra ROOT

(Earth - Color: RED - Adrenal gland): Located at the lower tip of the spine and relates to our sense of survival, earth, and security. When it is balanced, one feels grounded and stable. When it is out of alignment, one feels fearful, insecure and overly attached to material things -- ultimately disconnected from life. 2nd Chakra SACRAL

(Water - Color: ORANGE - Gonad gland): Located in the pelvis and sexual organs, coordinates the instincts, gives attuning with water energies and correspond to the moon-influences and to the magnetic forces. When it is balanced, one is creative and connects well with others. When it is out of alignment, lust tends to dominate.


(FIRE - Color: YELLOW - Pancreas): Located at the stomach, from the solar plexus at the top and navel at the bottom also known as "Hara", this is a dual center of power. Corresponds to the Sun-influence and the electric power. Coordinates ambition, ego, will-power, dynamism and expansion.

4th Chakra HEART

(Air - Color: GREEN - Thymus gland): Located in the middle of the chest, at the level of the heart (the thymus gland) of the body and is our seat of love and compassion. It is where our animal self meets our spirit self and also where we find our humanity. When it is balanced, one is capable of love, affection, compassion, forgiveness and selflessness.

5th Chakra THROAT

(Ether - Color: BLUE - Thyroid gland): Located in the neck and throat area (the thyroid gland) and is our center of communication. Corresponds to the very basic energy of the Universe. When it is balanced, creativity and deep intelligence are manifested.

6th Chakra THIRD EYE

(Color: INDIGO - Pituitary gland): Located at the center of the forehead and just above the eyebrows (the pituitary gland) and is our center of deep insight and intuition. When it is balanced, one is keenly aware of surroundings and can pick up signals (telepathy, hypnosis, clairvoyance, etc) much like a radio receiver. When it is out of alignment, one's thinking is unclear. 7th Chakra CROWN

(Color: VIOLET - Pineal gland): Also called the 1000 petaled lotus and associated with the pituitary gland, unlike the 6 previous chakras within the body, the 7th chakra is located at the top of the head, outside the body and is the center that synthesizes all the others. The 7th chakra is our connection to the Infinite and the cosmos, integrating spirituality into our physical existence, when balanced, one feels a strong connection with everything and communion with higher states of consciousness. When it is out of balance, one feels like something is missing, depressed, and disconnected from the spirit.

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