Since ancient times, purification rituals have been used and developed by humans to access higher levels of understanding and awareness, as well as mind-body-spirit renewal through what the Japanese Shinto calls Misogi  (water purification) by washing away impurities or obscure energies in a river, waterfall, or sea, and Misogi-no-kokyu-ho (purification through breathing), a cleansing of the internal organs and systems through deep conscious breathing practice.


Power breath is the core of Martial Fusion® Cross Training System, synchronizing physical, psychological, emotional, and energetic states in a harmonious way within our selves, others, and the world.

Breath power also called "Kokyu" in Japanese or breath regulation as defined in yoga "Pranayama", is an effective self purification ritual of declogging the system while activating the energy centers also known as chakras and promoting the circulation of KI (vital energy) through the meridian lines of the body.